With Apologies to Mitch Hedberg

I’ve had this Moleskine journal for some time now, but I still keep the special insert inside it from when I first bought it. The insert says, in six languages, why I should be proud to own this product.

Its final paragraph, though, is what interests me most: “Quality Control.” It’s the standard nothing-should-be-wrong-or defective-but-if-something-is-please-contact-us spiel, but then there’s the last line…

“Together we can prevent mistakes in the future. Thank you.”

This is inspiring.


You and me, says Moleskine, we can beat this thing. World hunger, genocide, greed, and corruption… With your intelligence and our… our Quality Control there will be no more mistakes. The future is ours, Douglas.

A message of inspiration from your friends at Moleskine.


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