Now Reading: King Lear by Some Guy and Fool by Christopher Moore

After Edgar Sawtelle and Jude the Obscure, it’s time for a funny one before I hit the bottle something ferocious.

Fool is a new comic novel built around a retelling of Shakespeare (King Lear namely), which is the theme of new books we’re running with, you’ll notice.

Also, I want to give Christopher Moore another shot. 

See, I tried reading Lamb last year, but this came immediately after Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, which did him no favors. Maybe I’d glutted myself on biblical spoofs with that 380+ pager, but Lamb was starting to pale badly in a comedic comparison, so I set it aside.

(Good Omens starts off like the movie The Omen, only they lose track of which kid is the Anti-Christ. I repeat, it is fucking funny)

And I want to go back to Lear. I haven’t read that one since an Early British Lit course, where my professor claimed it to be Shakespeare’s greatest. He maintained that King Lear, of all of Bill’s plays, becomes more beautiful and devastating as you learn what it means to grow old.


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