Now Reading: Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy

My girlfriend devoured this recently and recommended it to me with the utmost urgency. 

I hate to say it, but a small part of me was afraid to read Jude: Kiersten’s opinion of it was so skyward, I might never hope to match it in my own reading. And some of you know what a hazardous situation that would be.  Untreadable minefields within some couples include differences of religion or politics. Lacking these, ours would be favorite books. 

But I know better, knowing her taste in literature. About 100 pages in, Jude is turning out to be every bit as great a book as Kiersten says it is. And I realize once again just how good I’ve got it.

For one, I could have been among the million boyfriends who are condemned to read Twilight.


Let us now bow our heads, say a prayer for these wretched.


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